If you are reading this then I am sure you are a woman who has to deal with innumerable mood swings and physical issues every month while bearing the pain and discomfort caused by the natural phenomenon i.e. menstruation.

Well, being a lady you would probably know how to use a clean sanitary towel when on periods. But still there’s something that you missing on and that is the right way to use it. Yeah! May be you are the one who has been adopting sanitary pads improperly

So, check out whether you are using it right or wrong.

 P.S: Ladies, it’s for our safety. Do not ignore!

Sanitary napkins or towels are basically of two kinds – One that has adhesive tape and gets stick to the undies easily and second, the one that carries attached wings that can be wrapped under panties.

Well, no matter what kind of sanitary pad you use, there’s always a proper way to use it.

Sanitary Napkins

And if you have been using it wrong your entire life then you need to check this damn correct way.

Let’s start with basic. Firstly, expel out the sanitary towel from the packet and unwind it. This is the basic step to start with.


Then, sit on a toilet seat, and pull your underwear down i.e. little under the knees. This will help you to have the sanitary napkin properly placed.

The next step is to remove the adhesive tape from the sanitary pad. If you are using the wings one then makes sure to wrap the wings one by one. Be clear, though.

The main process – Press the widest side of the towel towards the front side of the underwear and the adhesive side towards the crotch side of the underwear. Make sure to fold the wings (in case you are choosing wings one) around both the sides of crotch so as to have it wrapped tightly.

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Ladies, after putting the pad on your underwear, pull it up and check once whether the towel in the right position and covering the vagina completely or not. If it comes out exact as we are telling then you go girl…

Sanitary Napkins

Trust us; you got to know how to use a sanitary pad like a pro. *wink*

Well, hygiene is also important and hence, for that sanitary napkin should be checked after every 2 hours and should be changed after every 4 or 5 hours.

Sanitary Napkins

While disposing of the used sanitary pad, take a toilet paper and wrap the used pad in it and then throw it in a dustbin.


Also, ensure to dump it away from pets.

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