If reports are to be believed, Aamir Khan is all set to work on epic series, Mahabharata after Thugs of Hindostan. According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, the actor will be producing and acting in the project. The franchise will reportedly stretch into several films and might even take a decade to wrap-up.


A few EXCLUSIVE information on #Mahabharata starring Aamir Khan.

1. Aamir and his team of writers have been read several books on #Mahabharata stored at an library in Pune since last 5 years.

2. Mr Perfectionist is planning to shoot the film at a unheard budget. #Mahabharata will be a 6 to 7 part series, with 6 to 7 different team of writers/directors working on different chapters of the film.

3. Yes you read that right. The 6 – 7 films from the franchise will be helmed by different directors with Aamir Khan not just acting as Krishna, but will also be the producer and SCRIPT consultant. #Mahabharata

4. One part of the film will release each year and all the films will be shot simultaneously one after another i.e. when the cast and crew will be shooting for part 1, another crew will be work on pre-production of part 2. #Mahabharata

5. Now I am not too sure as to when will the film go on floors BUT, it is definitely on cards or rather on its course to be the BIGGEST ASIAN FILM TILL DATE. #WorthTheWait #Mahabharata

6.According to our sources, Aamir Khan had met acclaimed Hollywood director, #MelGibson and was in talks with him to come on board to direct one of the major portions of the film. (PROBABLY the 5th or 6th part, consisting of war sequences)

7.The cast of #Mahabharata will consist of actors not just from Hindi film industry. Actors from across India will come on board. Casting process will start once the screenplay is locked. #Mahabharata

All that We have typed is Aamir khan’s vision and We hope it gets made soon. #Mahabharata


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