To be honest, as a girl, the taking of the bra is the first and foremost thing we want to do when we walk through the doors of our home. Even though we wear the most comfortable brassiere known to the mankind, the feeling of unclasping the bra is no less than out of the world. No matter how expensive or comfortable the bras are, it is their absence only which could make any girl feel wild and happy.

So, here we show some GIFs of B-town actresses and some taglines that depict the truthful feelings of a girl when she takes off her bras. Have a look and girls, relate to it with ease.

The tears of unexplainable joy that a girl cries after unclasping her bra


That feeling for those two twins (breasts) – “Hey you both(boobs), stay nicely while I am trying to cup you both together.”


“Yes, yes…I am almost done. Oh, no! Do I need to unhook one more time?”


“I am a bra-wearing, menstruating woman and I just love it… No! I hateeeeee it!”


“No way! Never ever I am going to see those bras in my life…. Shu….”


“Will you please unlock my bra? Pleaseeeeee, do it for me.”


Whoa! Do you know I have thrown my bras in that rift of dirty clothes? I am a free bird!


Karishma Drabla

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